Giving back life to people that living with Multiple Sclerosis.

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Western Australia.

Our vision is a world free from multiple sclerosis (MS) and its devastating impact.

Our purpose is to help people living with MS to get the best out of life; to advocate for change and to search for a cure.

Our mission is to be the source of first-choice for MS information, education, treatment, care and support in Western Australia

Our values are professionalism, teamwork, service and respect.

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Western Australia (MSWA) was formed over 40 years ago, by a group of people with MS committed to helping others access information and support. Today, MSWA has over 400 employees, and provides support and services to people living with MS, and approximately 30 other neurological conditions, in Western Australia.

MSWA is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation. The money we raise through our fundraising efforts, government grants and other income generating programs goes to providing care, support and services to people living with MS, and other neurological conditions.

Our team of experienced nursing and allied health professionals provide information and a range of supports from the time of diagnosis. Our programs are delivered in accordance with both the Disability Service Standards and our own service standards.

In addition to our direct care services, we also provide funding for vital research projects to find the cause, and cure, for MS.

MSWA plays a vital role in educating the broader community about MS, liaising with government and other relevant bodies on related issues, and advocating for the rights of all people with MS, other neurological conditions and disability in general.

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